Definition Of corrupt


(of a text or a computer database or program) made unreliable by errors or alterations.

Though one may quibble at some of O'Brien's choices in this free adaptation, she gives force and clarity to a notoriously corrupt text and rescues the ending from tricksy bathos.

cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

there is a continuing fear of firms corrupting politicians in the search for contracts

change or debase by making errors or unintentional alterations.

Epicurus's teachings have since been much corrupted

having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

unscrupulous logging companies assisted by corrupt officials

Example Of corrupt

  • According to company sources, the intruders had access for only 12 days, not six weeks as first reported, and did not corrupt any software in development.

  • Along with privilege and education, leisure brings choices, including those deemed by moralists to be evil or corrupt .

  • Although the amount paid through companies was a little more, the stories of corrupt officials extracting money from otherwise honest taxpayers put many people off registering.

  • Although the Arabic text is slightly corrupt at both places where this person's name is mentioned, that is the only plausible way to read the name.

  • Attempts to eradicate migration of young people for work will increase their reliance on corrupt officials and use of clandestine routes

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