Synonyms Of corn-fed

Definition Of corn-fed

fed on corn.

corn-fed chickens

Example Of corn-fed

  • Along comes Betty Elms, a corn-fed blonde straight out of Deep River, Ontario, trailing the faint scent of Lynch's Twin Peaks ingénue Laura Palmer.

  • And why do I have to have a cockpit the size of the Great Court at the British Library just because a fat slob in Ohio can't get a seatbelt round his corn-fed gut?

  • As Emily is a good corn-fed Midwestern girl who hasn't left the nest until now, she is excited by the possibilities of this assignment.

  • Be won over by his pressed terrine of corn-fed chicken, scallops, risotto, sea bream with linguine and fishcakes with a chive beurre blanc.

  • Cannelloni a la infanta followed, a tasty pasta appetiser, and then came braised corn-fed chicken breast filled with aubergine, sobrasada and honey.

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