Definition Of conscience-stricke


made uneasy by a guilty conscience.

she was still conscience-stricken over her outburst

Example Of conscience-stricke

  • A Hindu doctor feels conscience-stricken at being unable to stem the bloodshed.

  • As you might expect, his words do not approach cliche, describing the pain in the conscience-stricken priest's feet, for example, as ‘his daily stigmata’.

  • Her brothers, observing how she cherishes the plant, steal the pot, discover the mouldering head, and fly, conscience-stricken , into banishment.

  • Her situation cried out for attention, rescue and relief by the State, by well-meaning and charitable agencies, and by ordinary, conscience-stricken citizens.

  • How easily he could have been the leader of the world's conscience-stricken youth.

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