Definition Of conks


(of a machine) break down.

my car conked out

a hairstyle in which curly or kinky hair is straightened.

Malcolm Little, years before he was Malcolm X, wore his hair chemically slicked in what was called a conk and styled zoot suits when he was young.

a person's head.

a person's nose.

There was a certain camaraderie, a nodding acquaintance with the other regulars, such as Big Nose's mob, several of whom had ordinary sized conks .

hit (someone) on the head.

the clown conked him and sent him to the hospital with a concussion

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Example Of conks

  • a persistent idea has been buzzing about in my conk

  • But it's the relatively trivial things which are the most maddening and frustrating - TVs conking out , ovens going on the blink, computers crashing.

  • But you could rush at them and conk them on the head with that metal thing.

  • Do I get to wear a conk ?

  • Give him a bunch of cold medicine so he conks out so you both can sleep, sleep, sleep.

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