Definition Of confine


keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, quantity, or time).

he does not confine his message to politics

the borders or boundaries of a place, especially with regard to their restricting freedom of movement.

they were cramped within the confines of a little cabin

Example Of confine

  • Anything said or done within the confines of the European team room should, in my opinion, remain private.

  • As she breathed over me in the confines of the cubicle it was clear that she'd been drinking garlic coffee for most of the morning.

  • At present, six million pregnant sows in the EU are confined in stalls, including many in the Republic of Ireland.

  • But I think it would be for the best that we wait until she is confined in a jail cell, it may be too hard to keep her under control in the open like this.

  • Considering these will strengthen the proposal by grounding it in the dynamic of an ongoing reality; failure to do so will confine its discussion to the narrow scope of the academy.

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