Definition Of cockfighting

the sport (illegal in certain countries) of setting two cocks to fight each other. Fighting cocks often have had their legs fitted with metal spurs.

Like circuses, cockfighting , and greyhound racing, frog jumping promotes the message that animals exist purely to entertain us.

Example Of cockfighting

  • But I hope they can see that it is an emotive topic, but one which is qualitatively different to cockfighting , bull-fighting or badger-baiting.

  • Despite being illegal in Ireland, the blood sport of cockfighting still takes place in some parts of the country.

  • Do we have congressional support of an appropriations bill to crack down on illegal cockfighting and dogfighting.

  • For men, cockfighting , partridge fighting, and pigeon flying (and betting on the outcome) are favorite pastimes.

  • Gambling is popular among adults, but many traditional sports such as cockfighting have been banned.

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