Definition Of clobber


add enameled decoration to (porcelain).

The hateful practice of clobbering oriental porcelain, already begun, pointed a cheap and easy way to the decorators of faience.

hit (someone) hard.

if he does that I'll clobber him!

Example Of clobber

  • A crash was on the way, Baker pointed out, and it would financially clobber many working people.

  • A far more likely disaster would be a staff member being clobbered by a chimp, intentionally or not.

  • And there was Bobby himself, who, however, gave it up when he got clobbered by oldies thirty years his senior.

  • ‘You are this close to making me run over to the White House and clobbering you,’ she warned.

  • Because I had never had a cold sore before, the virus clobbered me with a very high fever.

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