Synonyms Of cleats

Definition Of cleats


a T-shaped piece of metal or wood, especially on a boat or ship, to which ropes are attached.

The new facility would come complete with mooring cleats for tying boats, which provides proper access to solid ground and more security for the boats.

Example Of cleats

  • A group of soccer fanatics laced up their cleats Friday for what they fully intend to be a world-record-setting, 26-hour match.

  • And, not to be forgotten, they earn gazillions of dollars every time they lace up their cleats and shamble out to the field of play.

  • ‘We've got a lot of boats moored along the river, tied to cleats ,’ he says.

  • Gymnasts use chalk on their hands to reduce friction; soccer players lace up cleats to increase friction so that they might have better traction while running.

  • He bowed out of the major championships at the Old Course wearing rubber cleats and carrying a space-age driver made from titanium in his bag.

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