Definition Of churns


(of a broker) encourage frequent turnover of (investments) in order to generate commission.

Managers may churn their accounts to generate more soft dollars in order to buy services such as stock research.

(of liquid) move about vigorously.

the seas churned

a machine or container in which butter is made by agitating milk or cream.

Mothers made butter from milk, they mixed the milk in a butter churn .

agitate or turn (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter.

the cream is ripened before it is churned

Example Of churns

  • A blue substance churns and drips through a tube from one chamber to another.

  • An old woman churns butter, while a woman in the foreground prepares a fowl for roasting.

  • As the gap between the enormous hull and the quayside grew the water churned .

  • As we approach, the wide, steady river narrows and churns .

  • Between January and March games are always called off because mud has been churned up.

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