Definition Of chit


a short official note, memorandum, or voucher, typically recording a sum owed.

He said: ‘In theory all taxi travel was to be referred up to senior civil servants and had to be signed for on official chits .’

a young woman regarded with disapproval for her immaturity or lack of respect.

a mere chit of a girl

Example Of chit

  • a mere chit of a girl

  • An occasional ‘Evenin’ all’ as you sign your Visa chit will help to convince doubtful cashiers of your authenticity.

  • And hence, I gave a chit , informing JRD about the presence of media persons in the hall, to Lal, which was to be handed over to JRD.

  • And so we arrive at Exhibit A, this stunning takedown in which some ignorant young chit of a girl tries to take down Mother Teresa and wind up wrestling herself to the mat.

  • And yesterday at school, I saw him snogging with this other chit .

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