Definition Of chatters


a series of quick high-pitched sounds.

the chatter of a typewriter

incessant trivial talk.

a stream of idle chatter

talk rapidly or incessantly about trivial matters.

the kids chattered and splashed at the edge of the lagoon

Example Of chatters

  • a stream of idle chatter

  • Angie chattered her way through my home, commenting on how beautiful things were and oh wasn't that simply enormous, Chrissy and who was that bust of.

  • Around her, birds chattered happily to each other, and the early morning sounds of traffic could be faintly heard in the distance.

  • As they chattered a small striped viper squirmed on top of the map with tongue flickering from open fangs.

  • ‘Excuse us please,’ he said as they walked off and more chatter filled the room.

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