Definition Of charterer


a person or organization that charters an aircraft, boat, or bus.

The relevant charter made between the time charterers and the ship owners will be signed before the end of the current year as well as the commencement of the conversion work.

Example Of charterer

  • Any other conclusion would or might cause injustice to the charterer because the charterer may not have available evidence which is available to the owner or disponent owner.

  • Bareboat charterers are responsible for every detail of a vessel's operation, including finding a crew and assuming liability for accidents.

  • Both sections 30 and 31 of the 1988 Act attempt to reach charterers and managers of ships as well as owners.

  • First, it reinforces the point that the parties envisaged the charterers delivering through the agency of the owners.

  • However, this decision was influenced by the fact that the vessel might still be usable by the charterer for certain periods during the remainder of the charterparty.

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