Definition Of charge


a device or bearing placed on a shield or crest.

The swan is found in heraldry as a charge , a crest, supporters, and as a badge.

a headlong rush forward, typically one made by attacking soldiers in battle.

a cavalry charge

a price asked for goods or services.

an admission charge

a quantity of explosive to be detonated, typically in order to fire a gun or similar weapon.

In addition, if things get really bad, an emergency button under a safety cover will fire explosive charges , which blow out the windscreen to provide an emergency exit.

accuse (someone) of something, especially an offense under law.

they were charged with assault

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Example Of charge

  • A perceived threat is challenged with a headlong charge and a fierce bite, and I was obviously seen as a threat.

  • Also, protons have a positive charge and the more there are the greater the strain on the nucleus due to the repulsion between them.

  • an asset of some £102.7 m should have been taken as a charge on earnings

  • And if its depreciation charge is massively overstated its profits are massively understated.

  • But she was convicted on a charge of arson after a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court.

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