Definition Of causeway

a raised road or track across low or wet ground.

The ceremonial centres included temples, pyramids, ball-courts, palaces, and plazas, usually linked by causeways or wide paved roads.

Example Of causeway

  • A short walk along the causeway to Horrid Hill is a must, followed by a longer walk along the tideline to the reedbeds at Motney Hill RSPB Reserve.

  • An inventor's son, Gatling designed his first mechanical machine gun in 1861 as a weapon of defence, to protect bridges, buildings, and causeways against assault.

  • an island reached at low tide by a causeway

  • At the end of the causeway the road started to slope upwards.

  • Bridges, causeways and other manmade trafficways are not always capable of supporting them, and even those that are can erode quickly under repeated use.

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