Definition Of catatonic


of, relating to, or characterized by catatonia.

catatonic schizophrenia

Example Of catatonic

  • Acute and catatonic forms of the illness were more prevalent in developing countries, whereas hebephrenic and chronic forms were more frequently seen in developed countries.

  • Although the DJ thing was so easy it bordered on catatonic , these strapping, earnest first-year university students actually made this cushy job a living hell.

  • Any dramatic or emotional impact is, however, entirely nullified by the catatonic acting, anaesthetic direction and droning musical score.

  • Combining multiple worries can send you into a catatonic state whereby you are incapable of any form of remedial action to resolve your panic.

  • During the 20 minutes I spoke with her, my eyes glazed over approximately ten times and I had to be revived from my catatonic state with a cheeky mojito prepared lovingly by an evil friend.

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