Definition Of catalog


a complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order, in particular.

The catalogue offered profiles of some social justice NGOs from around the world who had been using Interdoc in the 1980s.

make a systematic list of (items of the same type).

Before that can be done well, I think, the archives of Pius XII's pontificate will probably have to be fully catalogued and opened.

Example Of catalog

  • A dandy, a wit, an inveterate controversialist, he conducted a series of campaigns against the public and critics in the form of pamphlets, annotated exhibition catalogues , and letters to the press.

  • A total of eight Orkney chairs featured in the sale catalogue , and exceeded their estimates, according to Bonham organisers.

  • Almost all universities have Web sites; many put descriptive material, course catalogs , application information, and more on the Internet.

  • As the twentieth century wore on, railroads and mail-order catalogs supplanted the country stores.

  • Before taking the job or even applying for it, I spent a morning at the school looking at the lab, browsing through the college catalog and talking to the students.

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