Definition Of carry


(in golf) the distance a ball travels before reaching the ground.

Now, manufacturers believe that high flight with low spin provides the most carry and the most overall distance.

(of a newspaper or a television or radio station) publish or broadcast.

the paper carried a detailed account of the current crisis

(of a sound, ball, missile, etc.) reach a certain point.

his voice carried clearly across the room

an act of lifting and transporting something from one place to another.

we did a carry of equipment from the camp

approve (a proposed measure) by a majority of votes.

the resolution was carried by a two-to-one majority

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Example Of carry

  • all cigarette packets carry a health warning

  • All of their windows carry a ten-year guarantee.

  • Alpha females should carry some of the blame for their unwanted single status.

  • And he says the apathy of drivers, who have been unwilling to help since the foot and mouth epidemic two years ago, must carry some of the blame.

  • And the running game struggled again as the two running backs averaged 2.8 yards a carry .

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