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a factory where food is canned.

It's coming to the end, the factories and canneries slowly sink into the grit.

Example Of canneries

  • Aside from all that writing, she has been a scaler in a salmon cannery , a reporter, photographer and darkroom manager for daily newspapers, a late show disk jockey and a communications consultant.

  • Built on the location of an old cannery , this new port is strategically located across from the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park.

  • Cultivars of chilli Anaheim, C. annuum, was developed in California c. 1900 for the new cannery at Anaheim.

  • Foreign-born women staffed canneries , textile mills, and garment factories and worked as cooks and child-care providers for middle-class Americans.

  • He ran a hotel and resort that was once ‘the best and best-known vacation spot for coloured folk on the East Coast’; that was back in the 1940s, before the place was ruined by the stench of the canneries and the onset of integration.

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