Definition Of cabinetmaker


a skilled joiner who makes furniture or similar high-quality woodwork.

Their grandfather and his brother, both skilled cabinetmakers and joiners, had been drafted in to save the Settle Folly when it was in danger of falling down.

Example Of cabinetmaker

  • Architecture and the fine and decorative arts meet within the picture frame: its design and execution have involved famous artists and architects, sculptors, carvers, and silversmiths, cabinetmakers , ebony workers, and gilders.

  • At the same time, in nearby Philadelphia, dishonest cabinetmakers were making elaborately carved scrolled top highboys and chests-on-chests from plain flat top ones.

  • But for a long time, a cabinetmaker , joiner, or toolmaker who wanted some threads in wood, would have depended on the screw box and tap.

  • Equally, the gradual transformation and dilution of artisan structures reduced the contribution of traditional radical elements, often recruited among tailors, weavers, printers, cabinetmakers , and so on.

  • Few examples of documented Napoleonic furniture retain such extensive original material or provide such detailed physical information for studying and understanding the arts of French Empire cabinetmaking and upholstering.

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