Meaning Of buzz saw

चहलपहल देखा

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  • An earlier effort to update the rules generated such a buzz saw of opposition that the organization withdrew the changes last year.

  • As someone with body-image issues of my own, I can't in good conscience send innocent women into the buzz saw that is your cruel gaze.

  • Even a draft such as this, tailored to modern needs, would run into a buzz saw of criticism - from nervous parents, the higher-education lobby, and libertarians of both the left and right who would see it as a form of ‘slavery.’

  • Even then, she would run into a buzz saw in New York because of her repeated pledge to serve out her full six years.

  • From the first images of the film, we know where the sympathies of the filmmakers lie: old black ladies lounging on a front porch find their restive day destroyed by the harsh noise of a buzz saw .

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