Definition Of buggy


a small or light vehicle, in particular.

The buggy is the lightest of the bunch, consisting of little more than four wheels and a bare bones roll cage.

crazy; insane.

Yes, I am aware that things are buggy around here.

infested with bugs.

This is whole-grain white flint cornmeal, which would go rancid and buggy in your cupboard faster than cheese.

Example Of buggy

  • A buggy active application might corrupt the state of a router or might harm other active applications.

  • a golf buggy

  • A tourist has been arrested for drink-driving in a golf buggy .

  • After all, there's a little remotely controlled buggy sitting on the surface of Mars right now that seems to have fallen victim to a piece of code that perhaps wasn't properly designed or tested.

  • After checking in, I am led to a golf buggy which chugs the few yards to my bungalow.

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