Definition Of buffoon


a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

I am usually quite controlled, but I was irritated that I was forced to spend my time with these sycophantic buffoons , and it occurred to me that I should for once try to extract a fee for my weekly generosity.

Example Of buffoon

  • According to the script, Interpol is run by buffoons and they let a super bad guy named Snakehead get away when he was about to steal the life-giving medallion.

  • Along the same lines, there is an ad that features an incompetent buffoon who can't get his car stereo to work.

  • Also on Sunday afternoon the ever-popular ‘Trivia with Annabelle’ will sort out the boffins from the buffoons , with lots of prizes up for grabs and plenty of fun to be had.

  • Also, these buffoons have the cheek to complain about dogs savaging sheep, when their packs of hounds race around the countryside under very little control, regularly disposing of domestic pets unfortunate enough to cross their path.

  • And yes, yes, for the hundredth time YES, feminists disapprove of advertisements that stereotype men as ignorant buffoons .

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