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a city in north central Colorado, northwest of Denver, home to the University of Colorado; population 94,171 (est. 2008).

a large rock, typically one that has been worn smooth by erosion.

The organisation said the most numerous relics were rock carvings found on boulders and outcrops.

Example Of boulde

  • A bouldery summit with a large cairn looms large, fooling many into believing this is the summit.

  • A natural row of boulders formed a sort of perimeter to the city though I noticed no evidence of any actual wall.

  • At 10m the reef of boulders and rock gave way to a soft silt seabed covered in large patches of eelgrass.

  • Enceladus' surface breaks up into a bouldery terrain - a completely unexpected view of a moon that appears very smooth from a distance.

  • Flanagan lowered his close-shaved, bouldery head, studied me with unwavering eyes, then took a swallow from his pint.

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