Definition Of bleak


(of an area of land) lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements.

a bleak and barren moor

a small silvery shoaling fish of the minnow family, found in Eurasian rivers.

The flies for pike were naturally bigger than the bleaks , so they left me alone and I got some pike.

Example Of bleak

  • A bleak exposé of the risk came in a remarkably frank report by Jiang protge Zeng Qinghong, head of the party's powerful organization department.

  • A Jew must do what he or she can, must exert him- or herself to the fullest, even under the most hopeless, helpless and bleak situations.

  • After a few hours of riding, they saw it in the distance - a large, bleak tower, standing dark against a beautiful bright blue sky.

  • Against this bleak background, the good news is that there is a clear distinction between anti-Americanism and criticism of US policies.

  • Alex Robson's bleak view of the sugar industry is challenged by the Queensland Canegrowers Organisation.

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