Definition Of blanket


a large piece of woolen or similar material used as a bed covering or other covering for warmth.

Try changing feather pillows, woollen blankets and woollen clothing to cotton or synthetic materials.

a rubber surface used for transferring the image in ink from the plate to the paper in offset printing.

cover completely with a thick layer of something.

the countryside was blanketed in snow

covering all cases or instances; total and inclusive.

a blanket ban on tobacco advertising

Example Of blanket

  • A thick blanket of snow coated the earth and the tall pines I was surrounded by were heavily laden with white powder.

  • A thick blanket of snow thwarted the efforts of search and rescue teams hunting for the missing woman yesterday.

  • Actually, there wasn't much to make, all she had to do was puff the pillow and throw the blanket over the bed.

  • At this time of year, plants are tucked up for the winter under a thick blanket of winter mulch.

  • But a blanket ban serves only to prevent the public from knowing what really happened last week.

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