Definition Of blackout


a failure of electrical power supply.

due to a power blackout, their hotel was in total darkness

a suppression of information, especially one imposed on the media by government.

there is a total information blackout on minority interests

a temporary loss of consciousness.

she was suffering from blackouts

Example Of blackout

  • A shorter blackout period will surround Oct. 1, China's National Day, taking over cinemas from Sept. 20 to October 10.

  • A theater on the 2nd and 3rd floors will have back and side walls of glass allowing a backdrop of a clear view of the harbor or controlled filtering down to complete blackout .

  • After the 1965 blackout , which covered much of the same territory as the August 2003 event, steps were taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

  • An information blackout imposed on the government's actions was indicative of a disturbed conscience.

  • Any such action would probably involve a TV blackout , but the matches themselves are likely to still take place.

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