Definition Of black


(in a game or sport) a black piece or ball, in particular.

I was so angry that I missed an easy black being careless - I actually hate myself for it.

(of a period of time or situation) characterized by tragic or disastrous events; causing despair or pessimism.

five thousand men were killed on the blackest day of the war

a member of a dark-skinned people, especially one of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.

a coalition of blacks and whites against violence

black color or pigment.

a tray decorated in black and green

make black, especially by the application of black polish.

blacking the prize bull's hooves

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Example Of black

  • black coffee

  • Again, the predominant colours are black and grey and the lighting plot is superb.

  • Also doctors should be banned from wearing all black , with purple doc martins.

  • And the image of that bright blue globe lost in black space is spinning in your mind right now, isn't it?

  • Anthony says mainstream culture is becoming ripe with curiosity about black culture.

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