Definition Of belt


a gulp or shot of liquor.

they could probably use a few belts

a heavy blow.

she ran in to administer a good belt with her stick

a strip of material used in various technical applications, in particular.

Machinery manufacturers use the belts in the tabber and stringer operations of their automated production machinery.

a strip or encircling band of something having a specified nature or composition that is different from its surroundings.

the asteroid belt

beat or strike (someone), especially with a belt, as a punishment.

He tried to slug her, but Al belted him the groin, a convenient target from where he was seated.

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Example Of belt

  • a belt buckle

  • a belt of trees

  • a great wheel driven by a leather belt

  • A photograph of the new Russian champion holding aloft the title belt after the fight was even submitted, complete with black eye.

  • a sword belt

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