Definition Of bedlams


a scene of uproar and confusion.

there was bedlam in the courtroom

an institution for the care of mentally ill people.

Once, people were shut up in bedlams - usually indefinitely and in terrible conditions.

Example Of bedlams

  • After Colleen claims that Joy tried to sabotage her chances of winning, the meeting turns into bedlam (much to everyone's amusement).

  • After weeks of upheaval caused by the Lovers Lane shut off, the surprise two week closure of Leigh Road, the main arterial road from Leigh to Atherton on Monday, caused bedlam .

  • And then of course from then on it was screams and hollering and people drowning and getting hit and ah, and fear it was bedlam , chaos and it took you know it took a while to to to get it all sorted out and under control

  • Back stage was bedlam with singers tuning their voices, make-up artists plying their trade and a lady ironing all the costumes.

  • But somehow none of them expected that to happen, not after all the confused shouting and general bedlam which had followed those predawn bugle calls.

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