Definition Of beat


(of a bird) move (the wings) up and down.

The little hummingbirds beat their wings faster and their flight is even more graceful than normal.

(of the heart) pulsate.

her heart beat faster with panic

a brief pause or moment of hesitation, typically one lasting a specified length.

she waited for a beat of three seconds

a main accent or rhythmic unit in music or poetry.

the glissando begins on the second beat

an area allocated to a police officer to patrol.

a patrolman who strived to make his beat a safe one

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Example Of beat

  • A community clinic launched by the police in Liden has been hailed as such a success that another bobby is being added to the beat to ensure crime stays down.

  • A mother-of-four is dedicating her life to educating people about meningitis after her two sons beat the deadly disease.

  • A pulsar, of course, beeps with a regular beat , but it also has a sort of echo.

  • Almost every time, a player with a good short game will beat a player who can hit 300-yard drives.

  • As a result, they had to leave quite early to beat the evening traffic jam and to make up for their drummer's driving.

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