Definition Of baroque


relating to or denoting a style of European architecture, music, and art of the 17th and 18th centuries that followed mannerism and is characterized by ornate detail. In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernini in Italy. Major composers include Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel; Caravaggio and Rubens are important baroque artists.

Early eighteenth century baroque composer Vivaldi was a trained priest who had music in his heart.

the baroque style or period.

What were called ‘Chinoiserie’ styles of alleged Asian designs were in vogue for those who wanted a lighter alternative to the formality of baroque or neoclassicism.

Example Of baroque

  • Above all, perhaps, it confirmed its composer's repossession of the baroque in its regular harmonic movement.

  • Accordingly, the transitional period between the opulent baroque period and the less formal rococo era of Louis XV became known as French Régence, or Regency.

  • After albums from showy, baroque Rufus - at the Grand Opera House in York on Monday - and his heart-on-her-sleeve sister Martha, the parents are back.

  • And I've started to think that perhaps I should expand my CD collection to include more baroque music.

  • And somehow, by the late twentieth century, the gorgeously baroque fantasy of space flight turned out to be a technical possibility.

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