Definition Of baronage


an annotated list of barons or peers.

To the ' Official Baronage of England,' of which the first three volumes lie before me in their dignified splendour, it may be foreseen that writers on subjects of national English biography will soon accumulate a considerable debt.

barons or nobles collectively.

The knights stayed with the citizens rather than joining the baronage , with whom they had much in common, adding great weight to the Commons house.

Example Of baronage

  • Because Richard was so successful in his wars, and because he was genuinely liked and admired by much of the baronage , his rule met with little opposition in England.

  • But now when I am coming amongst the baronages and the lineages, what shall I do to hold up my head before the fools and the dastards of these high kindreds?

  • Conrad had the support of the local baronage still, but the newcomers saw him as inexplicably hostile.

  • he owed his position to his popularity with the baronage

  • Hungary stood out by ennobling bankers, traders, and railway magnates in significant numbers, and in 1890 the first Jew was promoted, without conversion to Christianity, to the baronage .

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