Definition Of ban


a curse.

Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…

a monetary unit of Romania, equal to one hundredth of a leu.

If you want milk you have to ask for it and it costs extra (often 50 bani or 5000 old lei) and is usually a single creamer and not real milk.

an official or legal prohibition.

a proposed ban on cigarette advertising

officially or legally prohibit.

he was banned from driving for a year

Example Of ban

  • a ban on dangerous jet-ski riders

  • A legal ban on biotech research will have little effect on corporate profits, despite Sanders' rhetoric.

  • a proposal to ban all trade in ivory

  • a proposed ban on cigarette advertising

  • a proposed ban on foreign correspondents was condemned by international leaders

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