Meaning Of attenuated

तनु तनूकृत

Synonyms Of attenuated


Definition Of attenuated


reduce the force, effect, or value of.

her intolerance was attenuated by a rather unexpected liberalism

unnaturally thin.

she was a drooping, attenuated figure

Example Of attenuated

  • A careful study of the subject in 1992 concluded that partisanship, however attenuated , still operates, leading most voters to screen out unwelcome or divergent political messages.

  • As we get further away from cataclysmic events, their ability to inspire terror becomes attenuated .

  • But in the past decade the differences between political parties have become attenuated , with left and right squashed together in a moderate, neoliberal middle.

  • Elongated and gracefully swaying, the doll-like figure is all sensuous curves, seemingly kept from tipping over by two fingers braced against an attenuated , bare-boned tree trunk that acts as a kind of stage prop.

  • Giacometti described his attenuated figures as existing on the edge of perception, as if they just came into view on a hazy horizon.

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