Definition Of ashy


covered with, consisting of, or resembling ashes.

an ashy sediment

of a pale grayish color; ashen.

the ashy shadows of the mountains

Example Of ashy

  • A concentration of burned clay and ashy soil was found against the west wall of the room, between a projection of the bedrock and a single stone.

  • At the farthest end was a wood partition with a door, and on it was drawn, in charcoal or some other ashy stuff, the outline of a great black bird, its wings spread, its beak gaping open.

  • ‘You should have pulled that out a few seconds sooner,’ said Bill, trying to spit out the ashy taste in his mouth.

  • Come Saturday, get the grill going - red hot coals in the middle, white, ashy ones all around.

  • Daniel ran his finger along the tablecloth, leaving a trail of ashy fingerprints.

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