Definition Of asepsis


the absence of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

When discharged, dry chemical extinguishers spread powder throughout the room and possibly could compromise asepsis .

Example Of asepsis

  • A basic principle of perioperative nursing care is surgical asepsis .

  • Activities that can minimize risk include instructing a patient about showering or bathing with antiseptic soap or teaching a new learner about surgical asepsis .

  • ‘She emphasized the importance of sterile asepsis for the safety of the patient,’ says Baxter.

  • Many perioperative nurses report that new providers and clinicians have a limited understanding of medical versus surgical asepsis .

  • Nurse educators and CNSs also supported the program coordinator by teaching classes on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, asepsis , and sterility, focusing on surgical patient care.

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