Synonyms Of arythmia

Definition Of arythmia

a condition in which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm.

The answer is they have all been affected by types of arrhythmia , or heart rhythm disorders.

Example Of arythmia

  • A month before, her son Kevin was operated on for a serious heart arrhythmia .

  • An arrhythmia may cause the heart's rhythm to be irregular, abnormally fast, or abnormally slow.

  • Around 700,000 people in the UK suffer from arrhythmia - a disturbance in the heart's rhythm.

  • Atrial fibrillation is the most common chronic arrhythmia and is a major risk factor for stroke.

  • Bulimics develop heart arrhythmia , which means that they have irregular heartbeats.

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