Definition Of arable


(of land) used or suitable for growing crops.

Some cyanobacteria do not require fresh water, nitrate - based fertilizer, or even arable land to grow and flourish.

arable land or crops.

As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.

Example Of arable

  • arable farming

  • A third of Russia's arable land lies fallow and production costs are one-third lower than those for American wheat farmers.

  • After all, of the 42 million hectares of potentially arable land in Zambia, only about three-million is under cultivation.

  • After France's loss of her colonial empire the merchants of Nantes and Bordeaux sank their capital in the arable land and vineyards of the hinterland.

  • Agricultural improvement required the elimination of the fallow and the raising of yields, but such innovation required more animals: manure-machines for the arable .

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