Definition Of appliance


a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one.

electrical and gas appliances

the action or process of bringing something into operation.

the appliance of science could increase crop yields

Example Of appliance

  • All projects used a major wood heating appliance with integrated domestic water heating.

  • As our 50-plus years in business would suggest we are always pleased to offer advice about any domestic appliance .

  • At the same time the fact that the European Union has changed directions concerning the support of Greek agriculture, and the appliance of a new Common Agricultural Policy have led farmers into new conditions needing adaptations (and familiarization).

  • Eventually, a laboratory will be added to the four spacious studios, bringing the appliance of science to the analysis of paintings.

  • First she might fuse the handle of a domestic appliance with an ergonomic detergent bottle to create an unfamiliar palm-sized plaster sculpture.

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