Definition Of annul


declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result).

the elections were annulled by the general amid renewed protests

Example Of annul

  • A growing number of young couples are applying for annulments , because it is cheaper and quicker than getting a divorce.

  • A MAN in Wuhan, in Central China's Hubei Province, applied many times to the local civil affairs bureau to annul his marriage with his pregnant wife, finally suing the bureau four months after the baby was born.

  • A man surnamed Jia recently asked a local court to annul his marriage since his wife is his cousin.

  • A strong and dogged pursuance of the case and passage of the Punjab Termination Act, 2004 annulling all previous agreements on river water sharing since 1981 earned him great appreciation of the people of Punjab.

  • Conflicts continue between the opposing camps following the decision by the Ukraine Supreme Court to annul the disputed result of the presidential election of November 21 and order a revote on December 26.

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