Definition Of agitations


a state of anxiety or nervous excitement.

she was wringing her hands in agitation

the action of briskly stirring or disturbing something, especially a liquid.

The strains were grown at 30° on agar plates or in liquid culture with agitation .

Example Of agitations

  • After vigorous agitation and phase separation the organic solution was removed and the solvent was evaporated under reduced pressure.

  • Anarchist and socialist agitation lagged far behind on the scale of government concerns during that difficult decade.

  • As with all natives of this combination, the Aries / Virgo may suffer from nervous anxiety, agitation , and stress.

  • Because one of the prescribed modes of agitation is rolling the testing device, it is frequently called a roll-a-meter.

  • Can be used with minimal agitation when processing roll film in tanks for very pronounced adjacency effects that can result in great apparent sharpness.

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