Definition Of aged


grow old or older, especially visibly and obviously so.

you haven't aged a lot

having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age.

young people aged 14 to 18

having lived or existed for a long time; old.

aged men with white hair

that has been subjected to aging.

jeans in hardrock wash give a unique aged appearance

Example Of aged

  • A divorced mother of two teenage sons, aged 44, she lives in Belsize Park, having grown up in north London.

  • A subtle meditation on mortality, it contrasts the ephemeral beauty of a young girl absorbed in her posy of flowers with the aged horse who quietly contemplates the viewer.

  • At Jorvik, spooky characters from the Viking past will greet children aged between five and 11 during a special Hallowe'en tour.

  • ‘Granny,’ as Wells calls her, was Wells' first aged event horse when she started cutting two years ago.

  • Defenders of the president have suggested that the documents may have been made recently with a computer or word processor and then copied many times to give them an aged appearance.

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