Definition Of adductor


a muscle whose contraction moves a limb or other part of the body toward the midline of the body or toward another part.

The adductor muscle group is often a source of pain in these overuse syndromes.

Example Of adductor

  • adductor hallucis

  • As part of his strength regimen, he works his peroneal muscles (which run along the ankles) and his adductors (the muscles in your groin and inner thigh).

  • Bilateral thigh pain or weakness with atrophy of the iliopsoas, quadriceps, and adductor muscles also may be present.

  • Keep them aligned over the second toe of each foot to maintain the proper balance of tension between your adductors and abductors.

  • Slide the blade into the oyster along the underside of the top shell, cutting the adductor muscle to release the oyster.

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