Definition Of acropetal

(of growth or development) upward from the base or point of attachment.

These features might be partly associated with the acropetal development of the terminal inflorescence.

Example Of acropetal

  • Bracts are initiated acropetally on the racemose inflorescence, or below the terminal flower.

  • In every case, the basipetal movement was greater than the acropetal movement.

  • It is not clear whether this acropetal increase of flower meristem identity is related to the acropetal loss of the SD suppression.

  • On average, an inflorescence developed 166 • 21 53 • 31 flowers that opened in acropetal order.

  • On each plant, leaves were identified on day 0 according to their nodal position with respect to the youngest fully expanded leaf, L0, and numbered acropetally , L1, L2, etc.

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