Definition Of acidic


having the properties of an acid, or containing acid; having a pH below 7.

When this compound is dissolved in water, an acidic solution of hydrogen cyanide, also known as prussic acid, is produced.

of or relating to acid rock or acid house music.

These new acidic ventures sampled from different genres and emerged as a bizarre Teutonic glam.

sharp-tasting or sour.

acidic wine

Example Of acidic

  • A fault of mine had always been that the most acidic responses came to mind at the most inopportune times.

  • A method called scrubbing is used to chemically remove the acidic sulfur dioxide by putting it into contact with calcium carbonate which is a base.

  • A tart and crisp Pinot Gris would pair well with the finished dish because of the wine's acidic quality, similar to that of the lime juice.

  • Any pH value below 7 indicates an acidic solution, and any pH value above 7 indicates a basic solution.

  • At its difficult moments, the song attains a discomfiting, acidic physicality beyond the reach of most musicians, but only a sadistic few would want to do what the musician has done anyway.

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