Definition Of accede


assent or agree to a demand, request, or treaty.

the authorities did not accede to the strikers' demands

assume an office or position.

he acceded to the post of director in September

Example Of accede

  • A letter will be drafted to his players' managers in the hope that they will accede to his request.

  • And it's not as if every pub will apply for a 24 hr license - there's not the demand, let alone the desire of the local council to accede to the request.

  • And not a majority of Europe if we include, as we should, Europe's new members who will accede next year, all 10 of whom have been in our support.

  • And the noises coming from Dublin suggest that - given a new UN amendment - we might accede to a request for a contingent of Irish troops to be part of this international force.

  • Bulgaria and Romania are in the process of negotiations for membership, with the target to accede in 2007, and Turkey is another candidate for membership, but has not yet started negotiations.

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