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  • Admits that he behaves like a kid when TOW's around… yep , he does indeed… a spoilt little kid.

  • After M comes to his rescue, Bond goes after Zao, the agent who captured him, and tycoon Gustav Graves who, yup , you guessed it, is threatening the safety of the entire world.

  • And it got worse, Trafalgar Square is on a hill… yup , I had to try and stop in sludgy snow despite the fact that my hands were so cold, the only thing I could feel was pain.

  • But now the past is gone, and he's free… Yep yep , well, now the story takes a different turn.

  • However, there always comes a point, about five or six tracks in, when my head fills up and I start to think: yup , had enough Genius for now, thanks.

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