Definition Of wither


(of a plant) become dry and shriveled.

the grass had withered to an unappealing brown

cause harm or damage to.

a business that can wither the hardiest ego

Example Of wither

  • a business that can wither the hardiest ego

  • Adolphus aimed the mouth of his flame-thrower at the flowered archway and let the flowers wither under the imagined flames of his mind, and he delighted in this.

  • All the time Jeremiah talked, Mathias edged closer to the body, making the girl seem to shrink and wither before the size of him.

  • And the evidence abounds: thick truncated trunks still pushing out new sprigs, charred stumps, and entire trees withering on the roadside.

  • As autumn shows its tail, osmanthus flowers wither but the scent lingers, though not as fragrant as before.

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