Definition Of whiz


a person who is extremely clever at something.

a computer whiz

a whistling or whooshing sound made by something moving fast through the air.

I can add whizzes , bangs and sparkles really easily.

an act of urinating.

You walk into the theater's basement, you look, you go take a whizz , you come out, you look again, you check your zipper, and then you leave.

move quickly through the air with a whistling or whooshing sound.

missiles whizzed past


But its not socially acceptable to even discuss whether those views originate from the almighty or a drunken guy whizzing on a tree stump.

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Example Of whiz

  • a computer whiz

  • add remaining sauce and whiz until smooth

  • As I have proved myself to be the creative whiz around the place, most of it fell to me.

  • Aside from being a whiz at cutting and styling hair, he also understands our hair needs.

  • Audrey would whiz through a few chores in the shop

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