Definition Of wheelbarrow


a small cart with a single wheel at the front and two supporting legs and two handles at the rear, used typically for carrying loads in building-work or gardening.

When it's time to use it, set the sifter on top of your wheelbarrow or garden cart and shovel some compost into it.

carry (a load) in a wheelbarrow.

Collecting the fallen beech and laurel leaves, piling them into large crackling clumps and then wheelbarrowing them to the compost heap, and sweating in the process, felt very satisfying.

Example Of wheelbarrow

  • But once a bucketful of dirt is wheelbarrowed over the side of the dump site, it's uniqueness is gone forever.

  • Choose a site that's level and shady, has good drainage and allows easy access to wheelbarrows , garden paths and hose hookups.

  • Concrete is most easily handled from a wheelbarrow - not the gardener's kind, but the kind used on construction sites, with a deep carrying base and nearly vertical sides.

  • Draping them over the handle of her wheelbarrow or on the fence rail keeps the gloves open so air will dry the moisture trapped inside.

  • Every few minutes, she bends to retrieve shards of dirt-smeared glass and broken bricks and tiles which she tosses into a wheelbarrow to be carted away.

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